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What are the Benefits of Joining NWRA?

  • Participation in Outreach Opportunities as part of a professional organization
  • Name listing on NWRA website under member registry
  • Monthly NWRA ReikiShare Circles
  • Professional Credibility for yourself and your healing practice
  • Membership Packet including a Professionally Printed Wall Credential and Wallet ID Card
  • Reiki News, Updates & Notices
  • Access to Resources, Forums, Chat Groups
  • A Care service offering Support and Healing
  • Standardized trainings and information
  • Practitioner liability insurance at a discounted price
  • Affordable Advertising Opportunities on the NWRA Monthly Newsletter
One Year Membership
  • You will receive confirmation via email (or phone if no email address is available) when we have received your membership form. Please be sure to print out an application, complete it, and email or mail it.
  • New members will receive a membership packet via email.  Your certificate will be mailed. 

Interested in becoming a part of this growing community? Follow these quick steps:

  • Download the Application Form
  • Print out the Membership application form. (Print a copy for your records.)
  • Fill out the form and sign it.
  • Send the form and a $30 check (made payable to NWRA) to:

Northwest Reiki Association
4207 SE Woodstock #278
Portland, OR 97206


Pay Through PayPal:

Be A Practitioner Sponsor

How to Join


Upon receipt of your sponsorship, we will post your bio to the website. Thank you for your support with our website.

How to Place a Newsletter Advertisement

The newsletter is a monthly publication emailed to those who wish to stay in touch with the events, news, members, and accomplishments of NWRA. If you would like more information about placing an advertisement please contact us. Cost for an ad is $5 per month, 50 words or less, sorry no pictures.  

Northwest Reiki Association is thankful for your donation to help sponsor the cost of our website. Are you interested in helping to sponsor our website?

Download the Website Sponsor Form

  • Print out the form
  • Fill it out and sign it.

Send the form and a $30 check (made payable to NWRA) to:

Northwest Reiki Association
4207 SE Woodstock #278
Portland, OR 97206


Pay Through PayPal:

All Members of the NWRA (Northwest Reiki Association) MUST agree to abide by our strict "Code Of Ethics & Conduct". The purpose of this Code of Ethics & Conduct is to hold members to a high standard of ethics in their practice.

(The NWRA cannot guarantee that all members unequivocally abide by, and/or practice this code at all times but each member is honor-bound to live by these high standards and to uphold the NWRA Code of Ethics & Conduct.)

Official Polo Shirt

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Advertisement Duration


You do not have to purchase an official NWRA polo to be a member, or to participate in Reiki shares, or forums.

If you want to participate in outreach programs like Compass Oncology Clinic, Reiki clinics for the public, Cascade Aids Project clinics, or expo events you will need to have a NWRA official polo.

For more information please NWRA.